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The Champ and his Dad Ch. 5
The Champ and His Dad
fiction by S. O'Malley
Chapter 5: And now for the rest of the day....
Sean woke up from his nap around 3 that same afternoon-the vlad models imageboard afternoon that he and his father first made love. His head was resting on his father's chest and he could feel him breathing. He looked up and saw that his father was still asleep. Under him he felt his father's cock--long and hard, the head slightly wet.
Sean quietly got up and straddled his dad, putting one knee on either side of the man's torso. Grabbing his father's erection, Sean slowly moved back on his knees, hovering over his father, until he could feel it resting in the crevasse of his ass. He leaned forward putting his hands on the wall behind the bed and slowly began to rub his father's cock, moving his ass up and down.
Daniel awoke to the sight of his son's chest hovering over him. He could feel Sean's ass rubbing on his erection, and looking down saw his son's hard cock oozing pre-cum onto his stomach hair. He debated which exquisite part he should go to first, then grabbed his son's nipples gently pinching them. Sean looked down and saw his father smiling up at him. He took one hand from the wall and put it on his ass pulling his cheeks apart letting his father's cock rub on his waiting hole.
Daniel's pre-cum began to run down his cock lubing it and making his son's ass slide against it more smoothly. Sean could feel the moistness dripping onto his crack, getting him ready to be entered. He continued to rub against his father, loving the sensation of a hard wet cock on his ass for the first time. He was ready to give his give himself to his father, to be bred by him. He craved it intensely.
He leaned back, his knees still on either side of his dad. He reached behind and grabbed his father's cock as Daniel put his hands on Sean's ass, spreading it open. Sean could feel the wet, swelled head on his virgin hole and began to push back onto it. The pain was excruciating as the head popped into his cherry ass. He stopped to let the pain subside, as a tear ran down his cheek. Slowly the pain turned to pleasure and he pushed back further taking more of Daniel's erection into his ass until he could feel his father's pubic hair against his flesh. He stopped again letting his ass adjust to the throbbing probe--waiting for the pain to transform itself.
Once the pain had died benya model away, Sean found himself experiencing new heights of sexual pleasure. Daniel grabbed his son's waist and pulled him off of most of his cock. Holding him at the perfect level, he raised his hips off the bed and sent his cock deep into the recesses of Sean's ass. As he began to gradually retreat he could feel his son's tight ass grabbing at his cock like a million tiny fingers.
Both men's mouths were agape, emitting soft sounds of rapture as the long, slow fuck proceeded. Their bodies began to move in perfect harmony--Sean pushing back as his father would thrust into him. Sean was light-headed as the waves of ecstasy and pain ran up and down his body. His cock teene model stuck straight out from his body, pulsating with such force that it began to bounce, seemingly having a mind of its own. He began to rub his nipples adding to his already staggering level of delight.
Daniel watched his son's smooth muscular body as it tensed with each quick drive of his bambi model teen cock, relaxing as he slowly pulled back. Sean looked down and his eyes locked onto those of his father--each man listening to the teen model liste
other's thoughts as if by telepathy. Sean leaned down, resting his hands back on the wall, and began to run his hard shaft between his father's hairy pecs.
Daniel's thrusts started to increase in speed as he felt the ultimate moment nearing. Sean felt his ass begin to ache as he craved the feeling of his father filling him. He tightened his ass around Daniel's cock gripping it, begging it to discharge into his waiting hole.
He felt his father's body begin to tense up beneath him. A moment later he watched as his father's eyes closed tight. Daniel let out a loud roar and Sean felt his father shooting hot gobs of cum into his raw hole as he continued to thrust. The warm feeling, and the look on his father's face, made Sean's cock vibrate and ultimately shoot long, thick streams of cum onto his father's neck and chest. It was unlike any orgasm Sean had ever had. His body went temporarily numb then a second later a wave of orgasm, radiating from his crotch, shot over vlad models imageboard
his entire body making every pore tingle with delight.
Both men stayed frozen watching the stars that flashed in front of their closed eyes. Daniel modelos kids xxx
began to rub his son's sides. Sean pulled off, feeling his father's cock slide out, and fell on top of him. He licked his cum off of his father's neck and chest savoring his own taste before kissing his father. They continued to roll on the bed making out and sometimes just staring at each other, trying to adjust to the fact that what they had wanted for so long had finally come true.
Hours later, teen models it was already dark, Daniel asked Sean if he wanted to shower with him. Of course, Sean said yes. In the master bathroom there was a shower the size of a small room. Daniel went in and started the hot water letting the steam warm the cold tile room. He went back to the bed and got Sean, grabbing his hand and leading him into the shower. They embraced and kissed deeply as the water poured down onto them. Each man took his turn washing the other as they continued to incest models
explore each other's bodies.
By the time they were out of the shower and dried off it was after 9PM. Both men were hungry, not having eaten all day, and they went downstairs to the kitchen. Daniel saw the broken mug and coffee still on the floor. incest models As he cleaned it up he was reminded of the events of that morning.
Hey Champ let me ask you a question.
Sure dad.
How did you know about me last night?
I could see your robe in the mirror.
Really? I thought I had been so careful. I think secretly I wanted you to see me, to get chield model nude
this all out into the open. It's been killing me these past few months.
Months? I've had it for you for years.
Since teen models
I was about 12 the teen models chemal
first time I realized how hard you made me..
Yeah. I used to stand by my window and watch you work out in the yard. You would wear just those faded shorts-I think it was a pair of jeans that you had cut off. I'd just stand there watching you, all sweaty and manly, as you mowed the lawn or raked or something. I'd get so worked up I'd have to jack-off 2 or 3 times in a row. I loved the way your body hair looked when it would get sweaty--it glistened.
I think I still have those shorts somewhere. Maybe I can put them on for you after dinner..
Oh, daddy...
I thought you'd like that.
Dinner was ready and they sat down at the table--Daniel at the head of the table and Sean on his right. They talked all through dinner about times they had secretly seen each other naked or just saw them wearing anything and got hard. Sean had many more stories since he had been storing them up for 5 years. Daniel told his son about last summer's pool party and how aroused he was to see his son all grown up.
Have you had much experience charming nn models with guys?
Just a little. A couple guys at the gym, you know that kind of stuff.
Did you while you were married to mom?
Never! I've only been into it since last summer, it's still kind of new to me.
Today was my first time. I'm glad it was with you, dad..
Daniel leaned over and kissed his son on his cheek as he mussed his hair.
I sure do love you Champ.
Right back at ya.
I have a little surprise for you.
What is it????
How about you straighten up the kitchen then come up to my....I mean `our' room.
Daniel went back upstairs as Sean took their plates into the kitchen and put them into the dishwasher. As he straightened up the kitchen he replayed the days events in his head. He wasn't absolutely sure that this wasn't all a dream that he'd wake up from any minute. Although if it was a dream he wouldn't be cleaning-would he? He decided not to think about it and just let it happen.
The kitchen looked pretty good so he headed upstairs. He went into his new bedroom but didn't see his dad.Sean: Dad?
A voice came from the large walk-in closet.
Daniel: Ready for your surprise Champ? kds models nude
Sean: Ready dad.
Daniel: OK. Turn on the CD player then sit in the chair over by the window.
Sean pressed play and the CD began to spin. As he was sitting down he heard the music start. It was one of his Portishead CDs, kind of trippy sounding. His dad walked out of the closet [the significance was lost on both of them at this teene model
bahamas model taylor point] wearing the cut-offs that Sean had talked about and an old tight white t-shirt. Sean saw the shorts that had been at the center of his "father-lust" and became instantly hard.
Daniel walked across the room standing a few feet from Sean. He started to do a striptease for his son as he sat in the chair, one hand in his boxers. Daniel grabbed the neck of the t-shirt and pulled, ripping it all the way down. He threw it to Sean who put it to his face and inhaled his father's scent. He watched his dad dance around in those shorts that he loved. They looked even better in real life. His father undid the top button and pulled them open, thrusting his crotch toward Sean but making sure it was just out of his reach.Sean: Damn, you're good at this dad.Daniel smiled. He unzipped the fly in his shorts and danced over ilegal model child to his son. Sean reached in and pulled out ameteur bikini models his father's cock. It was limp but still had impressive size as it hung there. Sean reached into his boxers and freed his own cock. Seeing it, Daniel fell to his knees and took his son into his mouth, ravaging him.
Across the street and one house over, Sean's best friend Jeff was sitting in his bedroom watching the whole thing though his telescope. He had been spying on them all day through a haze, but now that it was dark he bambi model teen could see right through their sheer curtains. As he was watching the action he put his hands down his sweats. He had already cum twice today watching the show across the street, and he felt number 3 coming on.Without warning, his bedroom door flew open. It scared him and he pulled his hands out of his sweats lollitas teen models as fast as he could just as his big brother came in.Jeff: Don't you know how to knock, fucker?
Nick: What are you looking at with your hands down your pants, little bro?He said it in a sarcastic way, taunting his brother. He ended almost every sentence with `little bro'--Jeff hated it.Jeff: Nothin' man. Get Out!Nick walked over to Jeff.Nick: Are you watching someone fuck, little bro? Let me see.Before he could stop him Nick, who was much stronger than benya model Jeff, grabbed the telescope and put his eye up to it. Jeff's cock was still hard and started making a wet spot on bambi model teen his gray sweats.Nick: Hey little bro, isn't that your friend Sean.
Jeff: Yeah.
Nick: Who's the big guy with him?
Jeff: His dad.
Nick pulled away from the telescope and looked at his brother.Nick: No fucking way.
Jeff: Yeah fucking way.Nick put his eye back on the telescope and watched Sean and Daniel a bit more. Even Nick had to admit it was a pretty hot show.He stopped and looked back at Jeff who was now sitting on the edge of his bed waiting for his brother to leave.Nick: And this turns you on little bro?
Jeff: I'm not a fag or anything, I just like to watch.Nick walked toward the door and Jeff was glad he was leaving. When he got there, instead of leaving, he closed it and returned to the bed where Jeff was sitting.Nick: How about we put on a show of our own little bro.Nick grabbed his crotch as he looked down at his brother.
I told you I wasn't a fag man. I don't want you to suck me off anyway.
That's not exactly what I had in mind little bro.
You want me to suck you off? No fucking way man.
hmmmm....I didn't want to have to do this little bro, but youleave me no choice. You suck me off or I nark on you to mom and dad.
For what??
For starters, you're spying on the neighbors. And..... there's that bag of pot you keep hidden in your closet.
Fuck! How'd you know about that
I didn't little bro, but I do now. That information should be worth something to you.
Nick unzipped his jeans and pulled his semi-hard uncut cock out of his briefs. He grabbed it and started pulling his foreskin back slowly as he stared at Jeff, waiting for an answer.
to be continued...
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